Virtual_Assistance1There are a number of reasons why hiring a Virtual Assistant is the best way to go for your business. The main reason is the money you'll save up front and in the future. A Virtual Assistant can help your with all the administrative tasks that your inhouse employee can and save you thousands of dollars annually. Here are several Benefits of hiring a "Virtual Assistant" to consider when thinking about hiring a Virtual Assistant to help you grow your business.



When you have someone work with you in your office or home you need to purchase a computer for them. While the cost of a computer is going down, it's still a cost you would have for this person. When you hire a VA the computer purchase is her responsibility. The upkeep and making sure programs she uses are updated are also her responsibility.


Office furniture.

Office furniture is another thing you'd have to purchase if you had an employee work with you in your office or home. This would include a desk, a chair, a stapler, paperclips, pens, paper, etc. All of those things cost money, but are on the list of things a VA will purchase when she works her own business.



Medical and dental insurance are important, but they're not something you'd have to include in a package if you hire a Virtual Assistant. If she wants or needs insurance it will be up to her to make the purchase.



Employee taxes such as Medicare, FICA, and possibly state taxes are difficult to handle. They require forms to be filled out and money to be sent to the government, but when you hire an admin to help you with your business, those are her responsibility to handle.


Time off.

When you have someone work in the office with you, you have down time you pay for each month. This would include pay for holidays, vacations, and sick time. It's hard to pay for those things when the employee isn't doing any work for you during those times. Not paying for this down time is one of the advantages you'll have when you hire a Virtual Assistant.


Your time.

Your time is valuable and you may find you talk to this person more and don't get work done if they are in your home or office with you. When you are alone you won't have that problem and you'll get more done in a day and you'll meet your deadlines more easily.


Hiring a Virtual Assistant is one of the best things you can do for your business, but if you're struggling to see the benefits, the reasons above will help you see the true benefits. You'll see how much money you'd save by hiring a Virtual Assistant instead of someone to work in your business.

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